Why is Fall the Fan-Favourite Season?

Fall is fast approaching so naturally I am at my local Starbucks, where I am currently writing, while sipping on my very first Pumpkin Spice Latte (half-sweet and non-fat of course) of the season. Side note, I don’t care what people say, it is delicious in all of its ‘white-girl’ glory.

There is something about fall that makes it the fan favourite for those of us who experience all of the four seasons. It’s not just the specialty drink flavours, however, or the beautiful spectacle that is the colour-changing leaves. There’s something more to it. It’s almost as if a familiar, yet new feeling of collective optimism is in the crisp, fresh air.

Fall feels like a fresh start, a new beginning, a next chapter; or at least it does for me.

School starts, stricter routine sets in, new goals come to the surface and the negative emotional poisons of the previous year are shed.

Fall feels way more like a ‘new year, new me’ type scenario than New Years Eve ever does.

I hate to use this dramatic and cliche analogy but here I go, please brace yourselves. In a sense, I feel like I am one with the trees during this time of year. The negativities that burdened my progress emotionally in the seasons prior prepare themselves to be eliminated from my soul, just as the leaves on the trees. Soon, I will be a blank slate; ready to grow again and ready to face the new challenges of the next year.

At this time of year, I could care less about what that boy did or said to me over the summer, how much weight I gained or what my failures were. Because, in the fall, it is my time to shine, to show everyone my transformative nature and my resilience. I will survive the depressiveness of the dead-cold winter, just as the trees, and I will flourish, no matter the weather once again.

I will use my resilience, my strength and my clear conscious to, more or less, begin again.

Anyways, what’s your favourite season? Do you experience this dramatization of Autumn with me? Let me know down below.

Happy Fall!

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