Why the F**k Does Everybody Get So Offended Nowadays?

Is it just me or are people overly sensitive and easily offended nowadays?

I mean, I seem to manage to offend just about everybody. It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, gay or straight or whether you’re young or old because chances are, I will piss you off. And in all honesty, it makes me feel like a complete fuck up.

The issue with this is straightforward: I am a nuisance. How am I to acquire meaningful relations of any kind if I piss everybody off? I must be innately immoral with those around me feeling offended by my rhetoric on the regular. Or at least that’s what I convince myself when one of these unnecessary misunderstandings strikes.

In hopes of adding some context for you as to what i mean by unnecessary misunderstandings, I shit you not that I’ve pissed people off for the following:

  • My opinion on all things politics (I go to school for political science so this one is unavoidable)
  • My opinion on eggs
  • My opinion on what constitutes homemade pasta sauce
  • My opinion on the band Down With Webster (only 90s kids will remember)
  • And even my opinion on men and who I do and do not accept a sexual advance from

So, is it me? Do I just have a super rash and offensive personality? Do I need to change?

Or do others take my opinions, which are just that, opinions, way too seriously? Like pasta sauce? Eggs? What is going on with my social interactions?

I simply cannot avoid expressing my opinion given my educational career is dependent on it. And sometimes it feels like people are trying to get me to do just that, using their ‘offendability’ to abuse my right to an opinion.

On a larger scale, it seems as though the issue with political correctness in today’s polarized America has secreted its way into all of our personal lives. But why can’t we all just get along? After all, the more we give in to others’ opinions on the little things that offend them, whether it be our clothing, personality traits or use of curse words, the more we stray away from our true selves.

Because the truth is: I curse like a mother fucker, I have an opinion on almost anything and everything, I am loud, and I will tailgate you if you’re going anything less than 120km/h in the fast lane. I have flaws, but those flaws reflect my most craziest and truest self; the root of my happiness.

So maybe this political correctness movement, which is premised in being inclusive, is actually excluding us from the life-fulfilling experience of developing our sense of selves. Maybe the answer is in embracing each other’s flaws more.

Anyways, I don’t even have an answer as to whether my non-discriminatory ability to offend others is my fault or completely out of my control. I assume it’s a combination of the two.

But does anyone else deal with these issues of having an almost inherent genetic defect of offending everyone and anyone? Or is this the new norm in 2017?

Please tell me I’m not alone.



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